Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Herbs and tomato flowers

I have made some progress with starting our little kerb garden, but of course nothing like what I originally thought.  I ordered the following herbs from Victoriana Nurseries and instead of planting them into the ground, I've potted them on into larger pots until we decide where we want to put them permanently. 
# 1 x Angelica Plant
# 1 x Bay Plant
# 1 x Chamomile Plant
# 1 x Chive Plant
# 1 x Curry Plant
# 1 x Feverfew Plant
# 1 x Lemon Balm Plant
# 1 x Mint Plant - Moroccan Mint
# 1 x Oregano Plant
# 1 x Rosemary Plant - Common Rosemary
# 1 x Thyme Plant - Common Thyme
# 1 x Horseradish Plant Available from approximately late April 2017
# 1 x Hyssop Plant - Blue  Available from approximately May 2017
# 1 x Lovage Plant  Available from approximately late April 2017
# 1 x Marjoram Plant Available from approximately May 2017
# 1 x Lemon Grass 'East Indian' Plant Available from approximately May 2017

This is the bay plant which I've taken one branch from to see if I can grow it on into a tree.  I have plenty of time to offer.

This is the tea plant which is coming on well now it is in a bigger pot.
I think it was Dawn who introduced me to this website, so thank you.
A lot of the herbs double up as medicinal and not just culinary.  That's what I love about the VN as on their website they give you ideas as to what to use the herbs for.  For example Angelica grows best along riverbanks, which is perfect for me as I'm beginning a new project to transform our riverbank.  This herb is supposed to be good "As a 'bath oil' for aching muscles and rheumatism" which is what drew me to it.  Working and running the smallholding, both Ste and I have plenty of aching muscles!!  Also it can be used in pot pourri which I'm hoping to make as part of the Christmas hampers.
Image from google
As I use them, I'll be sure to do posts to show if they are worthwhile or not.
Mid April and I have flowers on my tomatoes (Garden Pearl) variety and also the Brandywine.  These were sown at the end of January and brought on in the house.  I'll be doing the same next year too.

I'll start feeding them with tomato feed as I think that's what you need to do once the flowers form, or is that just when the fruit starts?  I'll have to check.


  1. A good selection, beware the ones that take over!

  2. That is a great selection of herbs! Well done with your toms. I have some that are close to being put into larger containers or half grow bags. Look forward to seeing how the herbs come on.x

  3. Rather than planting herbs out, I prefer to grow them in pots (near the kitchen). That way it is also easier to keep them tidy and prevent the more vigorous ones taking over. After mid summer many herbs look a bit tired and raggaty so a herb bed looses its visual attraction. An arrangement of herb pots can still look good so long as they are kept clipped (preferably by regularly using them in your cooking!).

  4. Tomatoes you start feeding when the first fruits have set, you have a great selection of herbs there, I have some mints for you to add to your collection

  5. Great selection. I've planted lots more herb seeds this year and I've got a big new planter to fill up on the patio when it's done.
    Have you been watering your apple trees? It's been pretty dry around here.