Monday, 27 March 2017

What a beautiful weekend

I know it's a common thing to say, but this weekend just flew by.  We did have a busy one mind you, it was glorious weather! 
The greenhouse was difficult to keep cool and I actually lost some tomato seedlings which I'm gutted about.  They were in this heat in the propagator too, so even hotter.  I have lots more sown, but still sad when it happens.

It was a weekend of fencing again.  We have a stock fence that separates the small paddock and the field.  The field has a gate which is not linked to the small paddock and it's become a mud bath over winter, so we've decided to put another gate in as an alternative route whilst that one recovers. 
Ste took part of the stock fence down, to make room for the gate.  A trip to Mole Valley (agricultural store) later and we had the wood necessary for the job.

In no time at all, Ste had dug the holes out, post crete'd in the posts and added the fence rails. 

We then had a chat about the stock fence which started to look tired and aged against the new post and rail section.  Our intention was to eventually replace the full thing, but not immediately.  This weekend's task was to get the gate ready for use.

Of course, best laid plans were thrown to one side and we set about (we being Ste) and took up the stock fencing, keeping it for the pig area at a later date.  The field now looks amusing in that there is a gate in place, but an open space which you can just walk around.  We had another run to the agricultural store and got the rest of the wood needed to put a full fence up. 

I wasn't sat on my haunches whilst Ste was busy with the fence.  I've planted up the rest of the trees in to the mini orchard and am really pleased with the results.  It's still work in progress as there's a lot of soft fruit to go in, but so far, so good.  We've the last 2 apple trees, a pear, 2 apricot, an almond and a rogue fig...the fig isn't in the ground yet as I'm not sure what to do with him.

The grass area will eventually be removed and some replaced with culinary and medicinal herb beds.  That's something I really want to learn a bit more about. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

First harvests, blossom and poorly nana

Last year the rhubarb we had was what was left by the previous owners and it's a mid to late variety so I wasn't expecting any for a good while yet.  I did buy some early variety from The Range just to get some more in and low and behold it's massive already!  So we harvested some the other day and I stewed it to have with my breakfast.

The other reason I harvested some, was to give some to my Nana.  She's been very poorly lately.  On Sunday we had to get the paramedics out for her, long story, but she is on the mend now.  On Wednesday we took her some fresh rhubarb, a loaf of bread, 6 eggs and some daffs.  It all cheered her up no end.
The ducklings are growing by the minute and will soon be too big for the brooder so this weekend we will be sorting out alternate accommodation for them.

The puppies just looked too cute for words.

When walking out along the lane, I noticed a patch of blossom in the hedge on just one small area.  I'm going to remember where it is, as the rest of the hedge is totally different, so hopefully this will bear something edible in the coming months.

We have a weekend of gardening, fencing and family this weekend.  I hope you all have a good one.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Can you ever have enough apple trees and a blog award.

No is the answer!  We are the proud owners of 12 new apple trees of the following varieties:
Howgate Wonder (cooking)
Ellstons Orange
May queen
Bakers delicious
Scotch Bridgett (cooking)
Bramley (cooking)
Red Windsor
Winter banana
Cookers are labelled, remainder are eating apples which will produce at different times of season.
Kev from An English Homestead sells them and we can't praise him highly enough.  Excellent prices, brilliantly packaged and a wealth of information. 
It was a big job to fit into a Saturday, as there was a lot of clearing to get on with before we could plant them.  You may remember the front fence coming down, not a year after it went up (oops)?  Well that was the start of the mini orchard.

The area along the trellis was cleared except the huge plant in the middle.  Everything is being rehomed that was there.
 We rotavatored the patch and cleared it of debris, weeds and odds and sods.
 The Ste set about digging holes around 60-80cm apart so we can grow these trees as cordons.  They will be pruned when needed in the summer (next year Kev?) to restrict their growth.
 A total of 10 went in at these close intervals along the back row.  We have 2 left to go in, 1 of which is going in right about where Rodney is sniffing in the photo below!
This grass area will house other fruit and nut trees, all I need is chocolate and I might be on to something ;)

I'm really pleased with them and how they went in.  We followed instructions online, loosely.  A bucket or 2 of rotted muck went in with each of them along with a bamboo stick at 45 degree angle.  They will look great.  One is coming in to blossom already!

Finally, I'm really pleased to say my little blog won an award for "best smallholding blog" from Walton Blog awards.  There were only 13 nominations but I'm really pleased and would like to thank anyone that voted :)

Friday, 17 March 2017

Spring time jobs

It's that time of year when we need to be preparing for the coming seasons.  That doesn't just mean for the animals, but for our garden too.  We like to eat and work outside as much as possible and this includes having family and friends over for BBQ's and even the odd day off enjoying a long, lazy summer day, with a glass of something alcoholic and good food to share, usually sat round some sort of outdoor fire.
It's been sunny this week, but still cold.  So now was the perfect time to clean the block pavings which are at the back of our house.  They have gone fairly yukky over the winter and came up a treat.  It took Ste 3 hours to pressure wash the whole area, but it won't need doing again until next year, so it's time well spent.
There's lots of other jobs to do, not all for Spring as such.  We've pig fencing to sort, hedges to trim, fields to fertilise, field gates to put in...oh and did I mention the new mini orchard?  More on that soon :)

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Sheep and sheds

So this blog has been nominated as one of thirteen super smallholding blogs and I wasn't even aware until recently!  Voting is closed, but here's the link to see what it's about.  Thank you to those who did know about it and voted for me.  It was very nice to be nominated.  The offered me a free mug during the process, which turned up and had a slogan for a 'shed load of tea'.
 Which was fairly apt, as when I took my morning brew outside, I caught the sheep in the goose shed 'cat' flap, quite happily trying to steal Mother Goose's food.  Mother Goose gave her a right telling off, but being a sheep, she was not in the slightest bit bothered.

 Little Miss sheep went off and had her breakfast after taking all she could of mammy goose's.

 Then after a hard day of chatting with her friends, they settled down for the night.

Our animal's antics do make me smile....!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

First hatch of 2017

We started the incubator with 15 duck eggs in a few weeks ago.  The ducklings are due tomorrow and we were worried if any would arrive due to the power cut last week.  I am pleased to report these little ones were not put off by any power cut and so far we have 7 ducklings all out and looking fine.  These will all be table birds unless their weight and sex tells us otherwise.  We have a runner duck who produces a lot of eggs and she is crossed with an Aylesbury and Appleyard (they all live together) so I'm not sure what size bird they will make.  If they are female and too light, we'll keep them for eggs only.  It will all be part of the experiment.  We're after some heavier female ducks at some point this year.
On their way to the brooder in the barn.  Thse guys are dry and fluffy, so it's time to go.
Soft and cute ;)
On Friday we're going to set the incubator away again with goose eggs.  They are supposed to be harder to incubate and we'll only fit a few in.  Again, these will be raised for the table.
Once they're out, I plan on incubating the rare breeds we have if there's any demand for them...I also like to see them round the place - they won't be table birds.
We've gone from wishing Spring would hurry up, to full steam ahead in a blink of an eye.  It's light enough to do jobs before 6am here now and light until after 6pm.  It makes smallholding life so much easier, especially when we work too. 
I have the early rhubarb that is ready to be picked which is a very special occasion, I love rhubarb!  The asparagus follows that and then broad beans and peas.  Hopefully lots of salad items in between too.  How lovely.
The piglets are doing fabulously, one is growing slightly quicker than the other so we're supervising feeds.  They're 5 weeks old today.
Slightly blurry as they wouldn't pose for me!
To those who are on Facebook and commented (in my defense I feel ;) ) that they will become boisterous quickly....1 week on and they are already charging around bashing in to me at feeding time.  LOL.  Super adorable still though.

Friday, 10 March 2017

IBC tanks, duck ponds and fencing

Just part of the day in the life of a smallholder?  There's been a few jobs that Ste has wanted to get done which he's managed to since he had 3 days off work this week.
The first one was due to me changing my mind on something.  When we moved here, we housed the rescue hens in a part of the veg plot which only had flowers in it, as at the time I was sure I wasn't interested in flowers.  I've since come to realise their beneficial properties for the bees if nothing else, so the fence he put up to keep the hens in, has now been removed and used elsewhere, allowing me in to make the space into our fruit garden.  As I can't remember what was in there, this project will be done over the Spring and Summer so I can make sure we put everything that's in there to some use.

During the "take down"
We're getting some new apple trees off Kev, which will go along the back trellis and in place of some fir trees which are just out of sight here.  The fir trees will go to another location where we need them.  Then the grass will become the soft fruit area.  So many ideas!

The pond had a leak in it, so we bought some more liner and Ste has updated it, the ducks love it :)

1 year ago to the day!

The fence he put up last year to keep the ponies in their paddock, doesn't keep the sheep in there when it's there turn.  So he had added an extra rail on.
 One sheep proof fence (I can almost hear the sheep laughing at this statement now)
He moved one of the new IBC tanks in to the veg plot and has come up with a genius way of collecting rainwater in there where there is no guttering etc to get the run off from.  We hope it works well, after all, we get a lot of downpours.

Plastic on IBC tank to run off into hole.
He also managed to fix up a hose pipe connect direct to the IBC tank so I can use the hose pipe in there.  The flow will be slower but it's free!
We will grow things around the wooden frame to disguise it.  I'm really pleased with it, very inventive.
Jack and Ste also picked us girls the first daffs of the year.  Spring has arrived at our smallholding.